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Audit & assurance services

We have adopted a risk based approach to audit & assurance to ensure the maintenance of high professional standards required of auditors and to provide a way of adapting audit procedures in line with specific needs of each engagement.

Our highly experienced and qualified audit team strives to provide excellent services to protect your business with reduced risks. We seek to add value and to provide a positive contribution to our clients’ businesses.

We offer a full range of audit and assurance services including:

  • Statutory financial statement audit.
  • Special audit reports & reviews.
  • Capital construction investment audits.
  • Compliance audit.
  • Due diligence.
  • Assistance on capital market transactions.
  • Independent controls & system process assurance.
  • Independent validation or assessment  of  financial & non-financial data.
  • Corporate Recovery & Insolvency.

We see our annual audit assurance engagements as opportunities to provide our clients with far more than statutory compliance.

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