Tax health check service

Recently, the local tax authority has been tightening the tax recollection management by conducting regular tax audits at taxpayers and hence, the vital importance of getting ready for such tax audits with a view to minimizing tax risks and maximizing tax opportunities. 

As a member of UHY International and given its 10 years of practical experience in the Vietnamese market, UHY Co Ltd understands the concern and issues that taxpayers encounter in relation to tax audit and has offered practical solutions through its service package consisting of tax health check and tax audit assistance to support taxpayers to better prepared for tax audits upon tax audit decision by the local tax authorities.

It is our great pleasure to provide herewith the general information around our services package for your reference. In the event you would like any further information regarding the above, please feel free to contact us so that we could clarify the benefits and value that we can add to your organizations