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ICAEW CFAB . Program

ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business


ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business
International Certificate in Finance, Accounting, and Business (ICAEW CFAB)
Any organization in the world appreciates people with a deep understanding of business, finance and accounting in every position. The ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (ICAEW CFAB)  provides the knowledge and practical skills needed in business, finance and accounting in every job position and in any public organization. company worldwide. At the same time, ICAEW CFAB also provides the skills necessary for the job and is the foundation for studying the ICAEW Degree of Certified Public Accountant, ACA.
About the certificate ICAEW CFAB: ( )

ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountant in England and Wales): Institute of Chartered Accountants UK and Wales

– ICAEW CFAB is a worldwide recognized ICAEW certification

ICAEW was founded in 1880, with headquarters in London, UK

– ICAEW currently has over 140,000 members of Chartered Accountants in over 165 countries worldwide

– In 2006, ICAEW was selected by the European Commission as a research and implementation unit to apply IFRS across all countries of the European Union.

– 97% of the best brands in the world employ ICAEW Members (according to ICAEW member data January 2013)

Why choose ICAEW CFAB

– Provide basic knowledge of Finance, Accounting and Business.

– Issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW).

– Has international value and is highly appreciated by employers.

– Create a solid foundation and competitive advantage to develop a career in the fields of accounting, finance and international business.

– Leading in the fields of finance, accounting and business with many professional working skills.

– Opportunity to transfer to ICAEW ACA Degree. The 6 modules in this certificate are part of the ACA Degree curriculum, specifically the first level of the ACA.

– It is possible to study in parallel with the university program, in addition, students majoring in finance and business at universities can be exempted from some subjects when studying ICAEW ACA.

– Computer based exam with 1.5 hours per subject and can be taken at any month of the year and anywhere with ICAEW’s test center

Reasons to study ICAEW CFAB at UHY

– UHY Training Center is the first unit to be granted the ICAEW Training Partner Certificate in Vietnam.

– UHY Training Center under UHY Auditing and Consulting Services Company – A member of UHY International Firm

– Lecturers have internationally recognized qualifications, experience in teaching international programs.

– Trainers with practical working experience in domestic and foreign companies will convey valuable experiences to students to apply in their work.

– Full equipment for learning.

– Have the opportunity to practice at UHY Auditing and Consulting Co., Ltd after obtaining CFAB certificate

– Priority selection to work for UHY Vietnam Auditing and Consulting Co., Ltd after obtaining CFAB certificate or ACA Degree

– Have the opportunity to be trained, be given priority to practice and work at UHY Auditing Company Malaysia and UHY Auditing Firms in other countries around the world (Note: If students choose to study at UHY Malaysia, please contact the Center for information on tuition fees at UHY Malaysia and other costs)

– Reasonable tuition fees

Conditions for admission to ICAEW CFAB

There is no requirement for students to take an entrance exam. CFAB is for everyone:

– Students graduating from high school

– College student or University graduate

– People who already work (or want to work) in the world of business and finance

ICAEW CFAB curriculum (6 subjects)

– C1:  Accounting

– C2:  Assurance

– C3:  Business and Finance

– C4:  Law

– C5:  Management Information

– C6:  Principle of Taxation

Exemption policy

The credit exam is applicable to the five study modules in the ICAEW CFAB programme. So with this method, students can get ICAEW CFAB certificate in just a few months.

Program completion time

Students can complete the ICAEW CFAB certificate within one year, or longer depending on the student’s learning conditions.

Entry level of foreign language

ICAEW does not require students to have an English certificate. However, to study well in the CFAB program, students need to have a foreign language level equivalent to B or IELTS 4.5 or TOEFL 400 or complete the UHY English entrance test.

Exam form, time and deadline for payment of initial registration fee

– Computer-based exam: Includes six computer-based assessments

– Exams are held at any time of the year, in an unspecified order.

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